Bloomm Agency supports businesses socially and creatively. We work to develop effective, successful strategies to reach engaging audiences to help get your brand recognized, and to help turn leads into sales.

Our aim is to make brands stand out, flourish and grow. So, when we thought of what word best reflects that, we decided on 'bloom'. Our brand represents power, femininity and growth, and with that, the idea of using flowers came to mind. 'Bloom' is a stage of growth in a plant, and we loved the idea of honing in on the various stages of plant growth to represent growing a brand and business. Definition of bloom: the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigour. But why two M's? The two M's reflect Megan Marsiglio's initials - MM.

We empower businesses in the health, wellness and lifestyle industries to cultivate purposeful, engaging communities through strategic branding, content, & connection.

Megan Marsiglio

Megan Marsiglio leads Bloomm Agency as a dynamic marketing and communications professional with over seven years experience. Megan understands the importance of strong communications, and effective branding to promote brand awareness and drive business. Prior to founding Bloomm Agency, Megan worked in public relations, focusing her efforts in media relations and public affairs, and later held the role of Communications Manager at a leading investment consulting firm in Toronto. Megan's interest lies in supporting women-led businesses in the health, wellness and lifestyle industries.

"My bias towards action and a passion for progressing women in the workforce is very strong. The majority of the clients I work with are women entrepreneurs on a mission to cultivate communities both online and offline. The way I work with my client's communities is by creating meaningful, insightful and educational branding and content that drives conversations and connections. At the end of the day, the work I develop and execute isn't focused on sales, but instead focused on building rapport within communities - which in turn drives sales.

Digitally, I measure impact through the amount of positive, meaningful engagement occurring within a community. I look for information, like the types of conversations that are arising from the content that's posted, the percentage of click-throughs from social initiatives to a website, and the number of sign-ups for a specific activity. Vanity metrics aren't always true measures of impact - they aren't the results I focus on. The conversations and social activities that contribute to brand awareness and sales are the areas of impact I focus on measuring.

My day-to-day is very fast-paced and no two days are the same. I thrive on this type of work and it's what keeps me motivated, curious and constantly creating. When I'm not working, I'm with my one-year-old daughter, who keeps me feeling inspired and excited."